Centralized System

Since 1981 Oduber Agencies centralized all processes through its main system in Aruba. Immediate access to all operations offers updated, reliable and quick information allowing immediate action and/or reaction. The centralized system minimizes expenses and workload duplication while also assisting as a single point of contact for principals for accounting, orders and other important business aspects.


Over the years our company has invested in the most modern computer systems and our inventory control has been categorized as one of the most advanced systems in the Caribbean by one of the largest consumer goods companies in the world. This system allows for a reliable ordering process that allows the highest accuracy of stock based on mathematical formulas and models, combined with close monitoring by the sales team.

Quality Management

Oduber Agencies has proactively set up quality policies and procedures to meet compliance requirements for all pharmaceutical/medical suppliers and local legislature.

Our quality department is responsible to ensure that quality control and quality assurance of the products and services are based on the highest standards.

Our full-time quality manager is responsible for all quality aspects and requirements including:

  • Supervising and controlling the implementation of Good Distribution Practices; Supervising that the industry/Health authorities policies are met;
  • Contacting regulatory, certification bodies, industry representatives and bodies when necessary;
  • Supervising and controlling that the existing annual training schedules are met;
  • Reviewing and approval of Standard Operating Procedures and other documentation;
  • Supervising and controlling that the training and supervision of pharmacovigilance, adverse reaction reporting, ethics/anti-bribery, risk assessment and SOP’s take place periodically.

Temperature controlled facilities and transportation

Oduber Agencies is completely equipped to store and deliver cold-chain pharmaceuticals, medical, laboratory and hospital supplies with coolers that are temperature monitored, with generator back up and a well-trained personnel. Both our warehouses and our delivery vehicles have temperature controlled capabilities.